Grants from Setas
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2013/01/16 at 09:02:52 AM GMT
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Grants from Setas

The client is accredited training provider by MerSeta, Engineering companies are obliged to train their employees/learners through companies accredited with MerSeta.My client provide training on behalf of Engineering companies and is subject to audit by MerSeta.Once MerSeta is happy with the audit conducted on my client they release a grant to an Engineering company which they then releases it to my Client


My client got a letter from SARS saying he owes Vat?I believe my client is supposed to be exempted for Vat because the nature of the funds/income is getting is mainly from MerSeta grants, if you agree which channel must I follow to be able to prove that my client should be exempted from VAT on the grants received from MerSeta



Mphiri Phalane