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Qualifying Medical Expenses 1 K. du Toit Non Prescriptive Medicine unfortunately do not qualify.See definition of " Qualifying Medical expenses " as defined under section 6B of the Income Tax Act.
by M. White
17 April 2018
Donations tax payable due to S7c in trusts 1 T. Wilcox The donor is liable to pay donations tax within the prescribed period .If not done , then donor & donee are jointly and severally liable for the donations tax.(refer section 59 of Income Tax act.
by M. White
24 February 2018
TCC/ Good Standing declined even if Compliant 2 A. Goosen I suggest you lodge a complaint with the Office of The Tax Ombud(OTO) on the basis that this is a matter to be dealt with in terms of section 18(5) of the Tax Administration Act. Refer to the notes of SAIT Presentation delivered by the OTO on 14 02 2018 under the heading " Compelling Circumstances - item a) raises systemic issues and heading " Systemic Issues (section 18(5)" Item 3.-Delays in issuing tax clearance certificates".
by M. White
24 February 2018
Tax implication on the capitalisation of a beneficiary loan 0 I. Sullivan I am not sure if one is allowed to capitalise a beneficiary loan to the trust capital of a business trust. However should one look at the possibility thereof in comparison to the capitalisation of a shareholders loan within a company, would the tax consequences be deemed to be the same? 
by I. Sullivan
07 February 2018
Sale of shares received as bonus in USD 2 M. Salomon There are many factors surrounding your case which needs to be analysed carefully. Unfortunately, I could not provide a full view of the transaction, but your welcome to email me so that i can analyse it for you with possible solutions
by M. Moloi
21 November 2017
Voluntary Disclosure 3 K. du Toit Rather act now or the client will face 200% if he/she gets audited and also referral for criminal investigation.
by M. Moloi
21 November 2017
Additional documentation required on reviews 1 E. Pretorius Yes, it does happen too often. Remember it is the duty of the client to ensure that his/her tax affairs are up-to-date. Appointing a tax practitioner does not supersede the client responsibilities.
by M. Moloi
21 November 2017
SARS audit or verification process 5 A. Colling I suggest you view the client's profile under my compliance status. If the registration requirements tab is reflecting non complaint, you should update them via RVA form. Other causes is that the banking details for that specific type of tax where the refund is to be made, are invalid
by M. Moloi
21 November 2017
CIS001 0 C. Camara Hi. Has anyone ever heard of SARS officials going around to people/businesses and asking them to complete a CIS001 form?
by C. Camara
10 November 2017
Vat Registration on eFiling 2 S. Maharaj S Maharaj I have exactly the same problem as you !
by D. Maartens
02 November 2017
Efiling problems loading VAT201 + EMP201 forms 0 G. Pond I cant open VAT201 or EMP201 forms on efiling (new and historical) Doe anyone else have this problem?
by G. Pond
14 September 2017
Re submission of EMP501 returns 1 M. Herholdt We had the same issue from SARSYour reasons could be different but in our case the source codes changed from the older version of the easyfileWith the new amendments to the retirement contributions (pension/provident/RAF) legislation was there a change in the source codes as the gross RFI (3697) and Gross Non-RFI (3698) fell away.If you still used codes 3697 and 3698 you might needs to correct the IRP5's and resubmit
by S. du Toit
30 August 2017
ITR12 wizard 0 A. Venter Good evening Has anyone found a solution to the inability for us to print or save the ITR12 wizard to send to clients? We attended the Income Tax for the Individual Webinar by Piet Nel, which was very informative. Piet spent quite some time running through the importance of the Wizard and recommended that we ask our clients to sign the Wizard and Declaration to ensure that all details have been completed correctly, which we would like to include in our client tax files. At the time, Piet advised that SAIT were taking the matter up with Sars to obtain either a pdf Wizard or for eFiling to be changed to give us the ability to print the Wizard, prior to submission. We have tried to use screen shots but the writing becomes quite unclear in the document.  Short of trying to duplicate the document, we are hoping that there is a solution! Many thanks!
by A. Venter
23 August 2017
Penalties for non submission of tax returns 1 C. Camara We experience problems with SARS not attending to the RFR's - we have not received any feedback on the penalties since July 2017. These people were not liable for the submission of tax returns, yet SARS is charging these penalties, returns were submitted and now SARS is ignoring the RFR's? Money was taken from one of the client's salary on the 24th of July. There is no option for a suspension of payment -only on objections. This is not ethical - our cases are people earning between R4500 and R10 000 per month.
by K. Smit
26 July 2017
Amnesty required ? 0 R. Esterhuyse Hi All My clients husband and wife are retired and living in South Africa after being residents / citizens in Zimbabwe for their working years.The husband worked in the mining industry in Zimbabwe and other African countries and any income earned offshore was kept offshore. They retired in South Africa , purchased a house here and invested the bulk of their savings into local investments which is generating mainly interest and dividend income from which they live. they dont have any debt.   They left approximately 100,000 UK pounds in a offshore account in the UK which until very recently generated no income they have subsequently changed the type of account which will generate some income on the capital.   Should this capital be declared under vfp or svdp ? the funds never originated from SA and should any income arise they will pay tax thereon.   On the tax return submitted there is no section for assets and liabilities as they only have interest and dividend income and medical aid how can they declare this asset to SARS or is it even required ?   Thanks  
by R. Esterhuyse
18 July 2017
Special Stoppers 7 T. Lopes It has taken 10 - 12 days for my clients refunds to be paid out, but they have been paid.
by C. Camara
13 July 2017
E-Filing Training for Tax Practitioners 0 E. Pretorius Hi there, I would like to find out if SAIT or SARS offer any E-Filing training in the Western Cape?
by E. Pretorius
01 June 2017
UIF/COIDA 1 B. Olivier Hi I did some reading on this, according to the Act it is as follow:Section 84 (1)(b) is the exemption application in the Act whereby you apply for exemption and the DG may/may not allow it. You need to have insurance with a "mutual association" a specific policy that cover your employees for injury on duty.According to my information the following mutual associations are approved by the DG: (Sect 30 of the Act), nl _ Federated Employers Mutual Assurance (FEMA), for the building industry_ Rand Mutual Assurance Company (RMA),for mining Hope this helps! I don't know about any application for exemption on UIF. Regards. Elize
by A. Symington
25 May 2017
Cant file RFR (Request for remission) on efiling 3 R. Esterhuyse Now Chrome and Adobe are working
by A. Babajee
23 May 2017
Bond store - rules 0 T. Meyer Good day,   Is there a limit on the value of goods that are to be kept in a bond store at any given point in time? Has SARS published anything?   Thank you, Tanya
by T. Meyer
15 May 2017


Section 240A of the Tax Administration Act, 2011 (as amended) requires that all tax practitioners register with a recognized controlling body before 1 July 2013. It is a criminal offense to not register with both a recognized controlling body and SARS.

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