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Are you compliant as per the SAIT 2014 CPD requirements?

19 November 2014   (27 Comments)
Posted by: Author: SAIT CPD and Events
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Author: SAIT CPD and Events

Continuing Professional Development is a process of lifelong learning whereby an individual systematically engages in activities that maintain abilities, skills and knowledge. It is also a legal requirement for registered tax practitioners to adhere to a programme of continuing professional education.

The objective of the SAIT’s Tax CPD programme is to assist members to develop and maintain professional competence in order to provide tax services and advice of high quality in the public interest.

The primary responsibility for competence lies with the professional member. All members have an obligation to develop and maintain their professional competence, relevant to the nature of their work and professional responsibilities. Members must maintain a full record of their Tax CPD activities and report the CPD on the SAIT CPD Membership Management System. 

What is the 2014 CPD requirements? 

Do you still need CPD hours for 2014 in order to be compliant? This is what we offer:

1)     Tax CPD Articles 

2)     Tax CPD Webinars

3)     CPD Events Notes and DVD’s

4)     Tax Indaba 2014 


Gail J. Smith Mrs says...
Posted 28 February 2015
I am a Tax Technician. I find it challenging that I have to complete the same CPD requirements as a Tax Practitioner. Surely at the level at which we operate, our CPD requirements could be lower. While I appreciate the education, it is surely not necessary for me at the level at which we function?
Gert van der Walt says...
Posted 09 February 2015
I agree with everyone!Between the incompetent staff at SARS,the constant request for supporting documents,appointments with clients there just is not enough time to earn CPD points also.I will also have to consider moving to a different controlling body.This is hampering our ability to earn a living.
Emile Laubscher says...
Posted 12 December 2014
SAIT, I'm trying to contact you, but the number is unobtainable?? Please could you contact me on 0533531073
Emile Laubscher says...
Posted 12 December 2014
December is very difficult time for our profession to ensure that we comply. Could you please extend the deadline? SARS audit every single return (vat/IT12) that we submit. I'm on my way to SARS branch after posting this, so I wont get time today to sort out my CPD points. Please SAIT, we as members rely on you to take our hand in this regard.
Adeline M. Thulo says...
Posted 12 December 2014
Can SAIT extend today's deadline to at least 31 December 2014, we would really love to comply and the TAX CPD Articles are really interesting, but we are pressed with time.
Peter G. Hains says...
Posted 11 December 2014
Please could someone phone me on0466245262 to advise me of my compliance position it is impossible to reach you on telephone and our emails are not being answered. I like all other members need to retain our registration for the benefit of our businesses and our clients
Carl Schoeman says...
Posted 11 December 2014
Looks like I will have to opt out as a member of SAIT, as I will not have time to meet the deadline. EVERY single ITR12 I have submitted so far this month, has an audit on and I have to load and submit thousands of documents. It will be impossible for me to comply by 12/12/2014.
Peter H. O'Halloran says...
Posted 06 December 2014
Agree with the posts below. Admin is killing us. How to keep ahead and earn and and and. SARS employees dont have the same onerous obligations AT ALL and they work on the opposite side of the coin. Their lack equals our frustration. And the requirement for appointments. If one is far from a centre, this plays havock with planning and often the emails for appointments are ignored! I dare the ivory tower residents to come walk in my shoes!
Dorothea Haddon says...
Posted 05 December 2014
I firmly agree with Conrad Swart. C'mon SAITP, force SARS to up their employees knowledge base and we'll have more time to BUY CPD goodies from your store.
Louise Fisher says...
Posted 05 December 2014
Thank you for all your assistance during the year. Till now I did load all the proof of the courses, webinars etc to you as requested. Now I have to know (sent from SAIBA) that there is only one way of submitting which will be available to all the different Bodies. Advice. The work becomes just more and the admin is killing us. What are your expectations?
Takalani S. Mudau says...
Posted 04 December 2014
My name is Silas Mudau. I want to view my CPD hours. Please help me
George T. Mabuza says...
Posted 04 December 2014
my name is george T. Mabuza , please help me I want to view my CPD hours
Errol N. Lombard says...
Posted 04 December 2014
Thanks to Nicolene Jacobs and her patience with all my questions, I am now compliant.
Kenneth J. Swettenham says...
Posted 04 December 2014
This issue is obviously causing great concern. We are all aware that we needed CPD hours but how many seems to be unclear. I received an e-mail reminding us to be complaint by 12/12/14 and stating what was needed. When I queried my status, I received an e-mail from Rene Norval providing me with completely different requirements - the latter leaving me well short and impossible to comply by 12/12/14. This will certainly restrict us, not only in providing advice for our clients, but from earning an income as well! I am prepared to get complaint as soon as possible and will do as much as I can before 12/12, but after that? After being a Tax Practitioner for 24 years, this threatens my own ability to earn a living. It appears many people are in the same boat. C'mon SAIT, instead of chasing us with a big stick, why not help us as members?
Sandra E. Broodryk says...
Posted 04 December 2014
I agree with comments below. I also have outstanding points not loaded, also sent emails that remain unanswered.
Bridget L. Ms says...
Posted 04 December 2014
I have the same issue and CPD hours that have not been logged and I have sent 3 emails no reply. I have asked if my understanding of the number of required hours is correct, no reply. I am totally stressed about the threat to not provide SARS with my information based on my non-compliance but I cannot seems to get any assitance.
Judith Smit says...
Posted 04 December 2014
I want to thank Silvia from the CPD deprtment for her excellent sevice on helping me to log my CPD hours, not everyone thre is so helpfull. thank you Silvia
Maritha Buyskes says...
Posted 04 December 2014
I also have the same question as those below. I emailed SAIT for info on my CPD points and what I can do to get enough points to be compliant. Can somebody please help. Time is running out.
Jacob Pieters says...
Posted 04 December 2014
i left a message more than a week to go ,up till now no one contacted me as promised
Conrad J. Swart says...
Posted 04 December 2014
How far has SAIT come in an effort to make SARS employees also subject to CPD compliance. Please SAIT - as your members you must place our interests first, and not take a reconciliatory approach to your dealings with SARS/treasury.
Yolande Allison says...
Posted 28 November 2014
I have the same questions than all those below. Is there an email address for queries on how much CPD points I currently have and is there enough opportunities left in 2014 to be compliant?
Emmanuel Murumbi says...
Posted 28 November 2014
How can I track all my CPDs, does the SAIT record on members' behalf ? Would someone please give me a call and guide me here ?
Richard A. Brand says...
Posted 27 November 2014
Could someone please phone me at 083 2127730 to discuss. Thanks. Richard.
Johannes P. Brenkman says...
Posted 27 November 2014
5 ) Who can I phone or email to discuss this matter?
Lindsay L. Sinton-Hewitt (Sinton-Hewitt) says...
Posted 27 November 2014
Who can we email with queries on this? When is the D-day for compliance is among one of my questions.
Kenneth Lampard says...
Posted 27 November 2014
Could someone please phone me at 021-5577539 to discuss - Ken Lampard
Elizabeth M. Herbst says...
Posted 27 November 2014
We ordered : 2014 Year-end Tax Update DVD on 29 Oct. Is there a delay due to postal strike?



Section 240A of the Tax Administration Act, 2011 (as amended) requires that all tax practitioners register with a recognized controlling body before 1 July 2013. It is a criminal offense to not register with both a recognized controlling body and SARS.

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