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Paying for Admin Penalties via Standard Bank
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2019/01/11 at 2:04:04 PM GMT
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Paying for Admin Penalties via Standard Bank
My client wanted to pay his Admin Penalties today and he was not possible to do so due to the Payment Reference number. Standard Bank only allow for 16 digits but the actual Payment reference number contain 18 digits, this means even if he go into the bank he will not be able to pay as for the payment reference is not 100% accurate. We do not want to take the risk of making the payment in this case. Did anyone else also experienced this problem? How do we get Standard Bank and SARS to rectify this issue between this issue between them? Also something interesting that I've picked up is that every time one request a Statement of Account on Admin Penalties, the payment reference number change. Is this correct?

2019/02/07 at 5:30:17 AM GMT
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With regards to SARS payments initiated through eFiling, I have given up on Standard bank. Tired to escalate the matter via Standard Bank and SAIT, but no person in S/B seem to know how the link must be acitvated. All other have a very easy process, load payment on eFiling and client log-on and approve. Standard bank clients just can not get it to work. Thus, they make the payment themselves and I provide them with the reference number. I have not had any client coming back to say the reference number is too long. What is important that they select the correct SARS account. As for reference number changing, have not noticed that. Amount owing changes with interest added every time a statement is requested.



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