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New IT12C forms
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2013/07/03 at 2:42:53 PM GMT
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New IT12C forms

Am I the only one unhappy with the fact that the contact details of the client and practitioner cannot be the same? 90% of my clients hate it when SARS contact them about ANYTHING! We also lost at least 8 billable hours since Monday because of the efiling system problems. And this session expired crap - I dont have time saving every 5 minutes! My session expired within 10 minutes today. We need each minute to finalise all taxpayer returns before the deadlines given to us and we don't get any help reaching these goals! It is like giving someone a job to phone customers and he has to phone 20 each hour, but then you unplug the phone for 50 minutes at a time. My apologies for being a bit blunt here, but it seems like no one is doing anything about these problems. SARS is always just saying things like "You should have started earlier with the submissions" etc. etc. We started MONDAY.  Is there anyone out there feeling the same way I do?

2013/07/03 at 2:53:15 PM GMT
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New ITR12
We've had the

We've had the same problem and it is really frustrating. I work from home, hence my family and I also have the same postal address, which SARS won't accept on the ITR12 this year. Yet, they're quite happy with the residential address being the same. I've also have many clients who prefer to use my business postal address, alas it's not working this year

2013/07/04 at 7:39:16 AM GMT
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I have just spoken to SARS about the problem we're all experiencing re efiling not allowing taxpayers and Tax Practitioners having the same postal address. They seem to be at a loss as to why this is and the lady I spoke to promised to look into it with their technical people and come back to me. SARS Ref. No: 108 351 386

2013/07/04 at 4:20:24 PM GMT
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Did my own tax return this morning only to find my own details and that of my tax practitioner - me - cannot have the same contact details.  This of course when I could finally move past "create return" for the last 3 days.


2013/07/05 at 10:30:08 AM GMT
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Hi there, SAIT advised that if you do your own return, you should tick NO on the question whether the return is filed by a tax practitioner. Did you see the media release from SARS? I just had to laugh. They say that the efiling system crash is untrue. Find attached media release.

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