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Credit Push Payments
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2013/10/01 at 4:48:11 PM GMT
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Credit Push Payments

My experience using the Credit Push system through Standard Bank today leaves me with tons of questions both personally and for all my clients for whom, I have up until now, been able to initiate the SARS payments using the Debit Push System.

From eFiling, you select the Logo initiating the Credit Push payment, you need to log in with the internet banking log on, password etc, the system then asks for a OTP (sent to my mobile) after putting this in, the system came up with a message to say that the system was unavailable and I should try later.

I then received a message from Standard Bank confirming the payment using the autopay system.

At no time was I asked for tax reference numbers, payment reference numbers or anything else.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Does anyone have any advice on how tax practitioners are going to provide this service to their clients?



2013/10/04 at 6:49:29 AM GMT
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Credit Push Payments problem on SARS system

Upon checking my clients statements to confirm the that the credit push payments are reflecting correctly.  It was discovered this morning that SARS is not processing the full amount loaded via efiling credit push to the clients accounts.

I have clients using credit push with all the major banks and all of them have different amounts allocated to the tax account, even though the confirmations printed and the client bank statements are reflecting the correct amount.

Has anybody else had an issue with this?

We are contacting SARS today but I feel this is a major concern that needs to be brought to SARS attention from all affected including SAIT.

2013/10/08 at 12:22:49 PM GMT
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Credit Push Payments

The SARS call centre not know about any problems, but there is a definite problem and it does seem to be on SARS side, the payments are all accounted for it is just their allocation where the error lies.

I have found that the allocation to the 092013 PAYE portion are in actual fact the 092013 UIF and SDL values added together.

The PAYE portion for most of my clients has been allocated to PAYE for the period 032008, yes folks that is right 2009 tax year.

You can verify this by selecting the 2009 (or any other) EMPSA (statement of account)

I am sure SARS will issue a notice in the near future, but in the mean time where do we stand on Tax Clearance Certificates?

2013/10/09 at 10:22:53 AM GMT
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We are experiencing the same problems with the allocation of the payments of the September 2013 EMP 201 whether made using the debit or credit system. This is quite concerning to the clients in need of tax clearances and could result in business being lost.

What do we do if S.A.R.S. does not pick this up and correct it themselves. Are we going to have to check the statements of account for every client (even the ones we don't do monthly) on the V.A.T. and P.A.Y.E. each time. Experience has taught us getting issues like this sorted out is a painful and time consuming process. And to think the majority of our clients had an up to date submitted and paid EMP account. What do we do if the SARS collections start phoning when it appears they are not even aware of the problem?

We can only hold thumbs that this issue gets sorted before we commence with the V.A.T. payments.

2014/10/06 at 12:06:21 PM GMT
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Credit Push Issues

Well its a year later and I still have issues with this system. My Absa and Nedbank clients couldn't release their VAT last week as there was nothing to release. Same problem with a Standard client today trying to release PAYE.

The Debit Pull system was soooooo much better.


I'm now reverting to one-off payments or EFTs - which never get matched up correctly Sad     



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