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Disciplinary Procedure and Penalties
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Complaints should be lodged with SAIT in the form of an affidavit, setting out in precise terms the nature of the conduct complained, and should be sent to the Registrar of SAIT. All relevant documentation should be attached to the affidavit. The original affidavit should be sent to the Disciplinary Committee, SAIT, P O Box 73, FEATHERBROOKE, 1746.

On receipt of such an affidavit, the Registrar will allocate a complaint reference number and forward the original affidavit to the Disciplinary Committee to deal with the complaint in terms of the provisions of the By-laws. If there appears to be no prima facie case against the member, the matter will be closed and the parties advised thereof in writing.


Where there appears to be a prima facie case, the matter will be investigated. Where the offence appears to be of a minor nature, the complaint will be discussed with all the parties concerned with a view to resolving the dispute amicably. Where the offence is more serious, a charge sheet will be sent to the member. The response thereto will be put to the Disciplinary Committee who will consider the matter on the papers before them. If a person is found guilty, the DC has limited powers to impose a sentence. It may caution, reprimand or impose a fine.


If the DC is of the opinion that the matter is so serious that it will justify a more severe penalty, it may refer the matter to the Board. The DC will convene a full hearing where oral evidence is heard. The accused and witnesses will be able to testify in person and be subject to cross-examination.

The DC may impose the following penalties: a caution; a reprimand; a fine of up to a maximum amount to be determined by the Board from time to time; suspension from membership; exclusion from membership; permanent disqualification from applying for membership. The Disciplinary Committee shall report to the Board who will then request the Chief Executive to report the conviction or finding of the Committee to the members of the Institute.

How to lodge a complaint

Should you wish to lodge a complaint against a member of SAIT, please ensure that you follow the steps as set out in the Disciplinary Guide.

Disciplinary guide



Section 240A of the Tax Administration Act, 2011 (as amended) requires that all tax practitioners register with a recognized controlling body before 1 July 2013. It is a criminal offense to not register with both a recognized controlling body and SARS.

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