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Minutes: SARS Stakeholders Meeting 19 June 2013 Western Cape

Monday, 02 September 2013   (0 Comments)
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Author: SARS


Willie Viljoen welcomed everybody.  He apologised for Managers that could not attend due to Operational reasons.

Apology received on behalf of Shafiek Dollie.

Minutes of previous tax practitioner meeting

Overview of previous minutes discussed.

Power of Attorneys (POA) 

Tracey explained the following regarding POA’s:

  • POA must be original. We do not accept copies
  • If the taxpayer appoints the tax practitioner as representative, the tax practitioner must bring the original POA along with every visit to SARS
  • If the taxpayer appoints an accounting firm as a representative, the accounting firm must be in possession of an original POA made out in the name of the accounting firm. The manager of the accounting firm must issue a letter to each consultant to indicate the consultant’s role as well as the tax type responsible for on the account of the particular taxpayer. Both the POA from the client to the accounting firm as well as the letter issued by the manager on a company letter head must  accompany the consultant upon visiting SARS
  • POA’s are only valid once in the case of updating of banking details. We will therefore take in the original POA when updating banking details.
  • We will accept an original certified copy of the ID in the absence of the original ID when it comes to POA’s 
  • Willie Viljoen explained that if tax practitioners come with their own POA’s SARS has the discretion to accept or not to accept the POA. This discretion lies with the branch managers
  • We do however find that tax practitioners comes with POA’s which are not  fully completed 

 Practitioner appointments

  • Tax practitioner bodies complained that they wait long for appointments in Bellville. Sometimes up to 5 weeks. Annette explained that this is an exception
  • Annette advised in cases where the Bellville office is fully booked for the particular month that we would book the first available date for the next month. The person making the booking will not inform the tax practitioner to re-apply for the next month
  • All request for appointments to be sent on/by the 25th of each month.
  • Willie requested tax practitioners to use other channels of to submit documents to SARS. This would free up more staff to assist with other queries. Positive feedback was received from some practitioners who attended the meetings. They have advised that no documents got lost when it was dropped in the drop box.      
  • Tracey advised that the request for appointments increased substantially. However we have picked up a trend of some practitioners not attending the scheduled appointments. Some have already not attended thrice without cancelling the appointments.
  • Tax practitioners are requested to cancel in writing at least 48 hours prior to appointment. This would give us the opportunity to contact other practitioners to afford them an opportunity to come in in the place of the cancellations. 


1.       Tax Clearances (TCCs)

SARS will move away from a paper driven TCC valid for a year.  The new approach will be electronic and real time for each tender.  The TCC will no longer be printed in paper format. Each TCC will have an electronic PIN.

2.       IT14’s

The new form will be dynamic (i.e. be created in accordance to the needs of the company).  It will therefore be easier to complete.  It was also noted that in most instances financial statements will have to be attached at the time of submission.  

3.       Single Registration 

One form will be available for registrations as well as for the change of particulars for all taxes. However, for VAT registrations a VAT101 still needs to be completed as well as supporting documents submitted with the application.

General Issues  

1.       Exemption Unit

Willie requested that reference numbers of tax exemption assessments not going through be escalated to him.

2.       PPC Mailbox

a. Deleen Smith advised that we experienced problems with the size of documents onto the mailbox. This problem has been resolved. Examples/cases of documents not uploading should be forwarded to her @

b. PPC should only be used for general enquiries

c. There has been a change in the PPC mailbox. Previously huge mails would block the inbox. This is still a mailbox but documents would go in on Service Manager as a request for service. Deleen advised that this seems to be working better. A concern was received from the tax practitioners that they do not receive a case number in order to follow-up. Deleen will follow-up on the case numbers to be issued.  

3. Issue List

a.       Willie Viljoen requested that issue lists be submitted in advance in order to afford the relevant departments in SARS sufficient time to respond 

b.      Issues with specific reference numbers will not be discussed in a general meeting. Exceptional cases should be referred to the branch managers.

c.       Willie request an issue list with generic examples.

d.      A suggestion was made that that issues which are pertinent to the Western Cape area be discussed and national issues be escalated to a national level.   

4. CRA01 Forms

a.       We find that tax practitioners coming in with the CRA01 forms as proof of address, that some forms are not completed in full. Certified copies of ID’s of the person who signed the forms are also not provided.

b.      When the CRA01 form is used as proof of address in the case of a VAT registration, this will delay the process as SARS officials first have to go out to premises to ascertain whether trading is taking place from that premises.

c.       A concern was raised by a practitioner that when the lease agreement expires the client still continues to lease the premises without another lease agreement in place. Willie Viljoen advised that we should have a look at the policy on the internet. Annette Van Rooyen advised that any grey areas should be escalated to her which in turn would be escalated to Mark Kingon.

5. PIT Audits

a.       Deleen advised that no longer all supporting documents are required with regards to PIT audits. A letter will go out requesting specific documents. We have 30 days to finalise the audit from date of uploading the supporting docs.  If the audit case is not finalised within the 30 days after  uploading, the case will auto release refund after  30 days

b.      A concern was raised that clients are selected for audits, supporting documents are submitted and clients does not hear anything. Audits are being finalised without taxpayers being informed.  .

6. TCC’s and NOO’s

a.       A concerned was raised that TCC was being declined because of recons being outstanding for periods longer than 5 years.

b.      Request that TCC’s declined for outstanding returns longer than five years, that exceptions be escalated to the branch managers.   

c.       Deleen advised that the turnaround time for TCC’s  is 5 days. Currently they are receiving about 500 TCC’s per day and that they manage to process within 8 working days. 

7. Easy file 

a.       IT14’s are not supported by easy file

b.      Riaan provides training on easy file every Monday in Bellville

c.       Letters are currently sent regarding reconciliations. Re-submitting the reconciliations is not going to assist. Payment allocations need to be done. This can be done via easy file.

d.      Riaan advised that the release of the new dividend tax for easy file rectified the errors    that were experienced with regards to dividend tax. 

Riaan can be contacted on

8. Request for documents and RFR’s bulk issue

a.       Mark Cloete advised that a problem was experienced with Notices not reaching taxpayer’s. Data became corrupt between SARS and the service provider. They have investigated the matter and the error was escalated to head office.

b.      The PCC mailbox process is undergoing a change. We had a central point for PCC queries but we are looking at decentralising the PCC work box. We don’t have visibility on the cases. We will be able to draw reports for cases which do not receive attention within TAT. PCC does not cater for returns. An auto reply message will indicate what is expected through the channel.      

9. Registration as Tax Practitioner

a.       E-filing would not accept the manual registration. Benjamin was working on this

b.      Tax registration process. Must the tax practitioner de-register with the old number and re-register with the new number



Section 240A of the Tax Administration Act, 2011 (as amended) requires that all tax practitioners register with a recognized controlling body before 1 July 2013. It is a criminal offense to not register with both a recognized controlling body and SARS.

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