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Minutes: SARS Stakeholders' meeting Pretoria 18 September 2013

Monday, 30 September 2013   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Author: SARS
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Author: SARS


The chairperson opened the meeting, welcomed everyone present and requested all attendees to introduce themselves.


The agenda was confirmed and adopted with few points of discussion added.


3.1 SARS Correspondence: 

Practitioners are still receiving calls from SARS for compliance, and when they request that the information be sent in writing, the compliance team members refuse, and insist that they do not send e-mails. Sometimes they send faxes which are not helpful because there are no contact details on the fax.


It is not that the practitioners do not want to comply but for them to advice their clients they must have something in writing.No way forward was given however SARS will communicate internally and discuss the matter so as to reach way forward on how best the matter can be resolved. Practitioners were also adviced to request the name of the division the caller is phoning from so that when the matter is addressed it be can addressed directly with that particular division /section. 

3.2   I.D Copies: 

There was a concern regarding the date on certified I.D copies, tax practitioners feel it is unfair to request an I.D which is certified in not more than 3 months while the POA is valid for 12 months. Legal department advised that the certified I.D copy is valid for 12 months as well, in order to align with the POA.

3.3 Appointments at Pavilion: 

Tax practitioners were concerned that they do not receive feedback when they make requests for appointment. There was a strange one received by one of the practitioners advising him to choose the next available date because the date requested was fully booked, and the practitioner was not comfortable with that because he did not specify the preferred date when he sent the request. SARS assured tax practitioners that there will be no such messages in future. The issue of not receiving replies on appointment requests will also be address so that corrective measures can be taken. Tax practitioners were advised to send their requests at least 2 weeks in advance. 

The two cases around appointments at Pavilion were given to the Branch Manager of Pavilion for investigation

3.4 Consistency in  Branch offices

Tax practitioners raised a concern regarding inconsistencies in the branch offices, in other   branches they are requested POA when submitting documents and in other branches POA is not requested. SARS indicated that POA must be presented on every visit because tax practitioners/tax payers must be authenticated when visiting branch offices. The issue will also be dealt with internally in order to ensure uniformity and alignment to standard operating procedures. Branches that are not requesting POA are not adhering to the standard operating procedures and tax practitioners were requested to be compliant as well. 

3.5 PAYE Journals 

PAYE accounts are still problematic but Tax practitioners acknowledged and confirmed that they are getting cooperation from Ms Mtshali – Jack, a thing which they appreciate.

3.6 LBC Cases

Tax practitioners were not satisfied about the way LBC cases are handled, they were given contact person Mr Vincent Sibande, but he does not respond to their requests and he does not communicate with the tax practitioner about progress of the cases escalated to him. This matter will be taken up with the relevant SARS manager.

3.7  Capturing of IT77’s

Capturing of IT77’s is still done at branch offices for now.


4.1 SARS contacting taxpayers directly:

Tax practitioners are concerned that SARS phones their clients directly while there are tax practitioner contact details on the system. The  matter will be discussed internally, and  practitioners were requested to advice their clients to get full details of the caller, name of division and the case number so that they can be able to make  follow-up on the call. 

4.2 Fraudulent documents presented by Tax practitioners

There was concern raised by SARS regarding fraudulent documents, presented by some tax practitioners or messengers at the branch offices, amongst those documents are TCC’s (background of how it happens was given as an example). It was indicated that in the period of 2 weeks,  there were about 8 fraudulent tax clearances presented by tax practitioners requesting  re-prints but when checking on the system such TCC did not exist.

Tax practitioners agreed that if their messengers or clerks present such documents to SARS they must be contacted so that they can be aware of what their staff members are doing.

4.3 Limited Information regarding IT3(e)’s 

Information as to who is supposed to issue the IT3 (e) is not clearly defined. The issue was not discussed further because there was no example however the practitioners were requested to send an example to Sugar.

4.4 Service of Tax Practitioners at Pretoria North Branch

In addition to Pavilion, as from 01 October 2013 PTA North branch office will implement the appointment system, and the time will be limited to 30 minutes because Pretoria North is a normal branch office not a Practitioner unit. Tax practitioners were encouraged to first book an appointment with Pavilion, only if they do not get the appointment and have urgent quires then they can send their booking to Pretoria North.

To request an appointment at Pretoria North Branch, the following  e-mail address should be used:

4.5 YEAR End changes

Tax practitioners are unable to submit a 2nd tax return or additional tax return for the same year in cases of change of FYE. E-filling system does not cater for that. It is only done when a request is made to the relevant Division. Tax practitioners feel the system should be fixed so that they can do it without phoning someone because that is a temporary solution. SARS will take this matter up with Business Systems.

4.6 Change of Public Officer

Taxpayers wanted to know whether they can use the REG001 form that they are downloading from SARS website when they want to change public officer on SARS system in all tax types. Clarity will be given at a later stage. Sugar will make a follow-up and give feedback.

4.7 Provisional taxpayers

Taxpayers receive notices from SARS that they do not need to submit IRP6’s if the status has not changed. Unfortunately the same taxpayers get penalised for underestimation of provisional tax. The matter will be escalated in order get clarity whether they must submit the IRP6 on not, particularly in cases where there were no changes on the taxpayer status.

4.8 Debit pull system

There was a concern raised by the practitioners regarding phasing out of debit pull replacing it with credit push system introduced by SARS. The main concern is that there was no communication given to the clients, internet payments take 2 days and that this new system will overall disadvantage clients.

Taxpayers who do not have internet access, who are only relying on their practitioners to process payments on their behalf, will also be affected negatively.

It was indicated to the practitioners that SARS would want to satisfy itself that payments made are authorised by taxpayers, hence the introduction of the new system. 

There is a possibility of an extension to still use the debit pull method, but that is not yet confirmed. Tax practitioners requested that the public be informed once the extension is granted.

4.9 Tax Compliance Status (TCS)

Information was shared with the practitioner regarding TCS that will soon roll out in stages until it reaches a stage where SARS will no longer issue manual TCC. When that process is implemented the taxpayers/tax practitioners will be issued with pin upon requisition of TCC, the pin will confirm compliance status of the taxpayer.


The chairperson thanked all the attendees and declared the meeting adjourned


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