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SARS Operational Meeting: Durban – 2 November 2013

Wednesday, 04 December 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Author: SAIT Technical
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Author: SAIT Technical

1. Welcome & Opening

a)      Zanele welcomed all present.

2. Notice of meeting

The notice of meeting as circulated was taken as read.

3. Apologies

a)      Michelle Slabbert;
b)      Tracey;
c)      Rita Montocchio; 
d)  Sharon Smulders

4. Confirmation of agenda

5. Acceptance of minutes from previous stakeholder meeting

6. Matters arising from previous meeting

a) None.

7. New stakeholder matters

7.1   Suspension of payment (KPF Durban) – Zama Buthelezi

  • SARS turnaround times.
  • Criteria used by SARS for suspension over 3 months.
  • Basis of decline of suspension of Payment when a tax return is outstanding.It was agreed that Zama’s email address will be given to the stakeholders towards the end of the meeting.(

7.2 Vat registrations turnaround time (Arthi Ranjith)– Frampton Pillay 

  • The Turnaround time for Vat Registrations is 10 -21 business days. The local based companies are meeting that turnaround time where the business address and the physical address is in the local CBD with surrounding Durban area. 
  • The problems that we face with this turnaround time for Vat Registrations is registrations that are from other regions, where Tax Practitioners are filing in their business addresses as the physical business address of the Company; that creates a lot of workflow. 
  • When requesting for documentation the time limit that is affecting the process for example if we phone on Monday we expect the documents to be submitted within 3 to 5 business days. The other problem that we face is when we phone the taxpayer himself the information we get is contradicting with the information we get from the Practitioner when we were doing the interview. If there is an outreach inspection that needs to be done we make necessary arrangements, if there is nobody at the premises after 7 days we post back the application; those are the major problems that we face.

7.3   New SARS Power of attorneys – Ramona Govender

The SARS prescribed POA forms for representative taxpayers are as follows:

  • SPPOA – Special Power of Attorney: This form is used by a representative taxpayer to whom authority has been delegated by an Individual/Taxpayer to represent him/her with regard to tax affairs at SARS.
  • TPPOA – Special Power of Attorney to Tax Practitioner: This form is used by a Tax Practitioner to whom authority has been delegated by an entity (Company/Individual/etc.) to represent the entity with regard to tax affairs at SARS.
  • ASPOA – Authority on Special Power of Attorney by Tax Practitioner: This form is used by any subordinate reporting to a Tax Practitioner where authority has been given to administer the tax affairs as indicated by the Tax Practitioner.
  • A certified ID copy of the taxpayer to be attached to the POA and represented on every visit to SARS. 
  • The above is the suggested POA to be used, Tax Practitioners may still elect to utilise their own POA’s provided all mandatory information is reflected on their POA. 

The new power of attorney is valid for 2 years. With the old power of attorney exceptions will be made for those taxpayers who are not registered as yet and foreign taxpayers.

7.4   E-filing Authentication Errors(KPC3) – Nadia from Contact Centre

  • On the E-filing authentication side versus authentication on SARS systems, when the client is registered you submit the registration documents then the information is on our Core system. When the client registers on e-filing then information must be the same as that on our core system if not there will be a mismatch. If, for example the client changed the surname on our core system then when you are on e-filing you will get this message (registered details do not match).It might be the registration number that you use it was change from CC to PTY.
  • If you are not able to register a person and you are not able to contact the previous Practitioner, then to get this captured they can contact our consultants. They will contact you and advise you on what to do or alternatively remove the details captured on the e-filing system and this will allow you register this person afresh; the scenarios are different.
  • Call Centre can be contacted in this regard if you have any of these issues, Branch operations are not allow to touch anything that deals with e-filing.
  • Zanele also added that if there is anyone with e-filing issues can flag it because there are e-filing specialist that is Nomhle, Nadia, Nathi, and Martin from Engagement.

8. SARS Matters 

8.1   Tax clearance system update – Mohamed Faizel

  • This project aims to bring the Tax Clearance Certificate process in line with the SARS modernisation vision through transforming the current TCC process from a predominantly manual process to a taxpayer driven, self-help, and electronic process.
  • The focus of this project is to reduce the number of visitors to the SARS branch office with regards to TCC applications and empower the taxpayers to help themselves by means of an electronic service.
  • Where the taxpayer requests a tax clearance certificate, the Branch Office team member must examine the MCP (My Compliance Profile) screen and advice the taxpayer about the different indicators.I f the overall indicator colour is Green, the team member can request a tax clearance certificate from the MCP dashboard by clicking on the "Request TCC” buttonIf the overall indicator colour is RED, the team member must advise the taxpayer to rectify the non-compliance before requesting a tax clearance certificate.
  • The Branch Office team member can, where possible, assist the taxpayer to rectify the non-compliance. 

8.2   Tax Practitioner Appointments – Frampton Pillay 

  • Frampton Pillay: we cannot always accommodate your requests especially if you have bulk requests ensure that you state the nature of your query and it should match with what you are coming for. we give an option of e-mailing us if you want us to print TCC, and some of you are not coming to pick it up when printed which is a waste of resources from our side as SARS – Please flag with us if you not going to make it so that we cannot print.
  • Walk ins: Zanele explained that if a Tax Practitioner go to the agents as a walk in they will not get the satisfactory service that they require as the TPU is trained to assist – another Tax Practitioner commended the TPU for a job well done in that they work very well in sorting their queries.

9. Date of next meeting: Zanele 

  • In terms of setting the date a year in advance: we have these meetings on a quarterly basis the next meeting will be in March. It is impossible to set the actual date a year in advance because there are some operational commitments on both side of SARS and Tax Practitioners that cannot be determined 12 months prior to the meeting.  
  • Currently we can confirm the month of the next meetings the dates will be confirmed 4 weeks before the date of the meeting.


E-filing Times outs

  • Timeout session is based on browsers, how many people use internet banking? If you leave Internet banking on it cuts off after a while and sometimes it asks you to update software, same with SARS, with e-filing what you must do is to try not to create SARS as your favourite, reason being we always do updates, if you are saving SARS as a favourite basically you are saving an old link, ensure that you have the correct browser. Do not log on Google first, go straight t to SARS e-filing website make sure that your browsers are compatible.
  • Engagement’s e-mail address given: to go through the correct channels first before e-mailing the query to engagement. (
  • Esme raised a point about IT14: when making payments in Cash Office please keep the receipt.

10. Closure

In closing Zanele thanked everyone for making the meeting possible, Buyiswa and Shongani for Administration side.



Section 240A of the Tax Administration Act, 2011 (as amended) requires that all tax practitioners register with a recognized controlling body before 1 July 2013. It is a criminal offense to not register with both a recognized controlling body and SARS.

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