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SAIT member queries: Simplifying the rules

Wednesday, 03 February 2016   (5 Comments)
Posted by: Author: SAIT Technical
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Author: SAIT Technical

At SAIT, we understand that your questions need urgent answers and we, accordingly, seek to maintain a 24-to-48 hour turn-around time (i.e., 2 working days - weekends and public holidays not included) for your benefit.  In order to enhance these turn-around times and to improve the quality of our service (as well as our statistical analysis), we request that you bear the following in mind when submitting your queries:

  1. Queries must be logged directly on the TaxHelpline function, located under Tax Technical on the SAIT website.  Emails to and phone calls to initiate requests will be redirected to TaxHelpline.
  2. We are only able to assist with queries relating to South African taxation.
  3. Please keep queries specific and concise.
  4. There will be a delayed response to queries received in any language other than English.
  5. Unless requested, supporting documents/attachments will no longer be accepted.
  6. We are here to assist with specific questions, we do not perform calculations or provide structuring advice (This is the member’s responsibility).
  7. All queries are monitored and any excessive use or abuse of the system will be taken up with the relevant member.
  8. In order to improve efficiency, members should perform their basic homework when preparing their queries.

Members having difficulties with SARS should make use of the official SARS process.  Please see process below as well as how SAIT can assist.

Complaints and Escalations 

If you are feeling aggrieved by SARS, please follow these steps:

  • Phone the SARS Call Centre (0800 00 7277) and always note your case number.  Every interaction with SARS is documented by way of a case number – It is imperative that you retain these numbers.
  • Typical complaints/escalations would include: delayed refund, details update,  slow VAT registration etc.
  • If the SARS turn-around time has lapsed (see Info box) the call centre agent will escalate the case to the relevant SARS business area. 
  • After 21 working days, if your escalation has not been resolved, you can escalate the query/complaint via the Complaints Management Office (CMO) via the CMO-01 form, located under Services on e-Filing, or via the CMO Call Centre (0860 12 12 16).
  • All operational complaints require a case number before they will be accepted by the CMO.
  • All assessment/tax based grievances should be raised with SARS via the applicable Dispute Resolution channel (i.e. Notice of Objection, Notice of Appeal, ADR1 etc).  The CMO will not accept any assessment related complaints.
  • The CMO endeavours to resolve complaints within 21 working days.
  • If the CMO outcome is unsatisfactory, the next step would be to raise your issue with the Tax Ombudby submitting an OTO-01, located under Complaints on the Tax Ombud’s website –

How can SAIT assist? 

SAIT will gladly assist with guiding members in the right direction in order to get escalations and complaints resolved efficiently and in the shortest time. In extreme cases, SAIT will assist with intervention.  Please do not copy SAIT addresses  in when emailing SARS (SAIT will intervene independently), and please allow SARS a reasonable amount of time to resolve your query.

Please bear in mind that the SARS Service Charter is currently under review and that SARS response time frames are not governed by law.  The turn-around times were set by SARS to measure and improve their service.  In the absence of an updated Service Charter, the following turn-around times should be used as a guideline only:

Case escalation – 21 working days

Completion of Operations Audit – 60 working days from date of submission of supporting documents 

Completion of Assurance Audit – 3-to-12 months (depending on the complexity)

VAT Registration with verification – 21 working days

Did you know?


  • Non-operational complaints can be logged via the CMO without those complaints first being treated as an escalation with a case number.  Please click here for more information on the CMO process.
  • Even though SARS office complaints are welcome on the CMO-01, branch managers have advised that complaints addressed to the manager at the branch where you experience the problem  will experience enhanced response times.



Cherie Carstens says...
Posted Saturday, 13 May 2017
Dear all. Please do not raise Technical queries on this page. All queries need to be logged via Tax Helpline by clicking on the link and submitting the form. If this is not done, we are unable to track your query and allocate it to the relevant consultant. Thank you for your understanding.
Sonja Booysen says...
Posted Friday, 31 March 2017
Good morning, could you possibly advise what the criteria is for SARS to issue the longer version of an IT14 tax return? In the past it was turnover above R30 000 000 but we have experienced that other companies are now also subjected to the longer return. If we know the criteria before hand we can quote correctly. I await your feedback. Many thanks, Sonja Booysen
Mark V. Alcock says...
Posted Monday, 27 March 2017
Please remove BLACK black ground to save ink when printing for reading and filing too.
Matayoko L. Mbonzi says...
Posted Thursday, 14 July 2016
Please assist me with this error on my e-filing profile ,urgently require Antone Krynauw assistance in due cause TAX COMPLIANCE STATUS SERVICE ACTIVATION User does not have applicable rights for Tax Compliance Status Functionality. Please contact administrator.
Laura de Freitas says...
Posted Friday, 01 April 2016
We are struggling to request efiling portfolios to the TP portfolio, the system cancels the request even thought the client approved, we urgently require Anton Krynauw's assistance thank you



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